Our Patent Pending Artificial Intelligence uses new Machine Learning techniques.


No training by humans or sample data. SavantX learns from the corpus itself.

Semantic Free

Purely algorithmic – no natural language processing. Thus, can span all languages and data types.

Reveals Hidden Relationships

Auto-discovers valuable 3rd, 4th and 5th party relationships.

Doesn’t Hallucinate

No overfitting - a persistent problem for traditional Machine Learning.

Fast & Scales

Changes it own structure with data; consistent quality from sparse to massive data.

Always Thinking

Unsupervised, continuously refines its understanding as new data is added.

Technology Brief

With the SavantX Platform, we are entering a post “tribal knowledge” world where all nuclear power station operational experience will be available on demand.


Station data coupled with SavantX Artificial Intelligence helps Deliver on the Nuclear Promise by:

Making all data easily retrievable

Revealing relationships that point to safety and efficiency improvements

Significantly improving processes, not just automating processes


Brand Systems & Open Source Enterprise Search & Content Processing have failed to live up to the hype.

  • Slow, hard to use - quickly frustrates users
  • Unified view of enterprise content constrained by legacy systems
  • Quality severely limited by manual tagging of unstructured data
  • Keyword search is a dead end against unstructured data
  • Preset rules often fail with new data
  • Limited results fail to answer even basic questions

Regulatory compliance induced complexity requires new technologies to optimize systems.

SavantX Delivers…

A nuclear station needed to know all failures associated with one critical valve. In just a few minutes accessing tens of millions of station records this happened…

AI Search

“If we had used the old way, it would have taken us days or weeks and we would not have seen hidden trends.” -Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Senior Engineer