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At SavantX, we're harnessing the revolutionary power of Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence to tackle real-world challenges and usher in the age of Quantum AI.

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Our Products

Trustworthy Generative AI

Boost productivity and gain trustworthy intelligence by securely chatting against unlimited amounts of your organization's content.


Supply Chain Intelligence

Leverage quantum computing and data science to improve efficiency in the global supply chain infrastructure.


Security First

Data is handled privately and securely through industry proven encryption methods.

Trustworthy Results

We empower organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions that they can rely on.

Fully Scalable

The products grow with an organization and can be custom-tailored to specific needs.

Quantum-Powered Solutions for Real-World Applications

Quantum supercharges AI, creating a path to the most efficient AI products in the world. We seamlessly integrate the power of Quantum technology into applications, transforming their capabilities. This gives each of our customers a competitive advantage and guarantees they are getting the most powerful set of data products on the market.

We Only Partner With The Best In Quantum & Light-Based Computing:

Discover and Create with SEEKER

SEEKER revolutionizes the way organizations access and understand their data. Think of it as ChatGPT for Private Content using Retrieval Augmented Generation – RAG. SEEKER enables frictionless access to vast knowledge repositories, providing actionable insights and uncovering hidden relationships and patterns.

Private and Secure

NIST 800-171 compliant. SEEKER adheres to stringent security standards, ensuring data privacy and confidentiality.

Boost Productivity

Analyze millions of documents quickly and efficiently. SEEKER assists in writing reports, education and training materials, briefings, and more, saving valuable time and resources.

Laptop Showing Seeker software

Optimize with HONE

Powered by Quantum Computing technology from industry leader D-Wave, HONE (Hyper Optimized Nodal Efficiency) leverages the immense power of our quantum algorithms to tackle large-scale optimization problems in the supply chain space.


Classical and Quantum Digital Twin simulations identify opportunities across various scenarios.


Experience significant cost savings and efficiency gains.


Streamline operations and make adjustments on the fly.

Ship carrying cargo

The Quantum Path to AGI

Passive Chat

Trustworthy AI

Now Available: GPT Store, SeekerChat.ai & On Prem Enterprise

Active Chat


QUantum Intelligent Neural Network engages, learns, & anticipates, referencing massive libraries

Goal Seeking


Q* are adaptable algorithms that learn new concepts during problem-solving and use these insights for future decisions

Empowering Organizations Since


Our Clients


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SavantX is one of the first organizations in the world to leverage the enormous power of quantum computing to solve large-scale data challenges that unlock transformational growth in productivity and innovation. With 4 key technology patents, SavantX offers a suite of powerful products that help organizations unlock their full potential.


"Tackling large-scale optimization problems has always been a priority issue in the supply chain space – and will continue to be. That's why we're excited to see more and more forward-thinking organizations start to leverage the power of quantum computing to identify and solve complex supply chain and logistics issues efficiently. We're proud to be the quantum provider behind SavantX’s work as they harness quantum computing to optimize operations, increase productivity, and enhance risk management."

- Jen Houston | CMO, D-Wave

"HONE is the next generation of technology for container port operations and has proven to reduce operating costs while optimizing the customer experience while picking up and delivering cargo to and from the port. While other companies are trying to leverage AI and other advanced analytics, HONE and the team at SavantX have already accomplished this feat and have been live in operations for 2 years."

- Zach Christinson | Partner/ Operations P5 Solutions

“The SavantX team delivered a tailored solution that really allowed us to get the most out of the optimizations. Quantum took that to the next level - hitting performance targets well beyond the project goals”

- John Rosen | Partner & CTO P5 Solutions
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Gain access to cutting-edge products that deliver trustworthy insights, unparalleled optimization, and impactful growth. Our tools bring transformative value by helping your organization save time, money, and resources.

Transform Your Organization With Game-Changing Technologies!