Chat with an unlimited amount of your organization's content simply and securely. SEEKER is a retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) AI chat platform leveraging quantum computing to securely extract and analyze information from large data sets, providing trustworthy insights and optimization for organizations.  Go beyond all the features of ChatGPT and other leading Large Language Models (LLMs), with radical transparency.

Using SEEKER Is Simple

Step 1

Upload Content in Bulk

Simply drag and drop or select unlimited files from your device to upload.

Step 2

Instantly Chat With Your Content

Chat against all of your files at once, or select specific files to chat against.

Step 3

Dig Deeper

"Explain" and "Inspect" provide source citations, and discover hidden relationships.

Experience The SEEKER Impact

Tasks that used to take days can now take seconds. SEEKER allows users to instantly create relevant and reliable content based on your specific data. Create White-papers, Essays, Articles, Proposals, and More in a fraction of the time.

Trustworthy Insight

Confidently chat with your content. Receive fully transparent responses that are 100% source-verifiable.


Find extensive citations and references, with exact pages and paragraphs highlighted.

Smart Filter

Filter through phrases, terms, and concepts to drill down into more specific information.


Explore deeper into content through the Inspect tab and discover hidden relationships.

State-Of-The-Art Features

SEEKER is equipped to empower Corporations, Government, Law Enforcement, Academia, Medical, Legal, Human Resources, Maintenance, Training, and More!

Quantum Prompt Optimization

A revolutionary approach to crafting prompts that utilizes Quantum Technology.

Intuitive Chat

User-friendly interface and chatting experience that allows the user to easily navigate data.

Multilingual Support

SEEKER provides the capability to upload documents and chat against them in multiple languages.

Privacy and Security

Data Encryption

Unlike other methods that require passing complete files to an AI, SEEKER maintains your anonymity and confidentiality by sharing only fragments of files.

Highest Security Standards

SEEKER is NIST 800-171 compliant which guarantees the highest level of security found on non-Federal computer systems.

Client Data Retention

Data spillage does not occur. SavantX functions in accordance with the most stringent data privacy protocols.

Vulnerability Management

SavantX works closely with a 3rd party vendor to ensure nearly 100% uptime and intensive risk mitigation.

Pricing and Plans


No Credit Card Required
  • 500 Pages*
  • GPT 3.5
  • Unlimited Prompts
  • File Formats (PDF, DOCX, JSON, RTF, TXT. PPTX)
  • Basic Support

*Chat with a one-time maximum of 500 pages  of your content.


$7.99 / Month
  • Library Capacity 5,000 Pages
  • Refresh your library with 5,000 pages of new content every 30 days*
  • GPT 3.5
  • Unlimited Prompts
  • File Formats (PDF, DOCX, JSON, RTF, TXT. PPTX)
  • Priority Support

*Once library capacity is reached, users must delete old content to remain below capacity.


$19.99 / Month
  • Library Capacity 25,000 Pages
  • Refresh your library with 25,000 pages of new content every 30 days*
  • GPT 3.5
  • GPT 4
  • Unlimited Prompts
  • File Formats (PDF, DOCX, JSON, RTF, TXT. PPTX)
  • Priority Support

*Once library capacity is reached, users must delete old content to remain below capacity.


$39.99 / Member / Month*
  • Library Capacity 50,000 Pages
  • Refresh your library with 50,000 pages of new content every 30 days**
  • 100,000 Pages Team Library***
  • GPT 3.5
  • GPT 4
  • Unlimited Prompts
  • File Formats (PDF, DOCX, JSON, RTF, TXT. PPTX)
  • Priority Support

*Maximum of 150 Team Members

**Once library capacity is reached, users must delete old content to remain below capacity.

***Team Members may collaboratively chat with a maximum of 100,000 pages of the Team Library per 30 days.

Looking For A Custom Solution?


Contact us for a fully customized solution that fits your organization's specific needs.



How do I try SEEKER for free?

Simply click any of the “USE SEEKER NOW” buttons on this page (or click here). You will be taken straight to the SEEKER app where you can sign up for a free trial.

What makes SEEKER unique?

We’ve been at this for many years and have developed alternative intellectual property (IP) to Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA). We were fortunate to be awarded four patents; a fifth patent is in process. Our proprietary IP bolts everything together.

What can I do with SEEKER?

SEEKER serves a diverse range of clients with its versatile applications. It covers legal tasks such as litigation support, research, and contract drafting. Intellectual property benefits from patent research capabilities, and SEEKER aids in presentations, customer support, briefings, and various business functions, including proposal development and compliance. It streamlines HR processes, assists in intelligence and science research, and supports training activities.

How many files can I prompt at one time?

SEEKER has been deployed against 10s of millions of files, with some files over 50,000 pages long… you basically have no limit. Ingest as many of your files as you want, and enjoy unlimited prompting!

How does SEEKER keep my files secure?

SEEKER is NIST 800-171 compliant. SEEKER is a web application that uses HTTPS, meaning all data communications with the backend SEEKER server are encrypted in flight. Clients can choose to host the SEEKER stack in their organization’s private Azure Cloud or Azure Government Cloud account based on GPU machine availability. In this case, all client text is encrypted at rest on the SEEKER database within the client’s Azure account.

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