Forbes: What Quantum Winter?

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Forbes: What Quantum Winter? The Truth About the Maturity Of Today’s Quantum Technology

March 31, 2023

Alan Baratz Forbes Councils Member, CEO of D-Wave


The world of quantum computing (QC) is on the brink of transforming how our modern digital world operates. Quantum computers are capable of understanding and overcoming some of the biggest challenges humans face now and in the future. They can find solutions to incredibly complex problems, outperforming what can be done on classical computers.

However, the market is rife with naysayers, critics who believe quantum has a hype problem, that its bubble is soon to burst, throwing us all into the depths of a quantum winter.

These cynics couldn’t be more wrong.

Across a multitude of industry sectors, we’re seeing an increasing number of enterprises using today’s quantum technology to solve complex real-world business problems.

It shows that the quantum future is no longer a hypothetical curiosity. It’s not even something hovering on the near-future horizon. The age of commercial quantum is here, now, and its transformative potential is very real.

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