SavantX is an Innovatech Awards Winner for 2022

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January 6, 2022

Innovatech Awards is proud to announce that SavantX has been awarded in its 2022 Awards program.

Recipients of Innovatech awards in 2022 were scrupulously selected based on the aggregation of reviews from multiple third-party sources. Selected by a panel of experts who analyze submission material, review customer feedback and compare the facilities of each entrant. Our winners are those who can demonstrate their uniqueness, quality of services and facilities and exceptional levels of customer care across a number of categories.

In this extraordinary year of the awards over 500 nominations were received for this years program, and the standard of entries was incredibly high. The judging panel had great difficulty in narrowing down the entries but the winners reflect the very best in industry standards. The team at Innovatech Awards, said: “We were overwhelmed by the quality of entries this year. We hope this guide will be a useful tool. Congratulations once again to all our winners.”

The full list of winners will be included in the annual awards publication that will be available for digital download in February. To receive this publication, you are encouraged to join the mailing list to be notified upon its release.

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About the Company:

INNOVATECH AWARDS is an annual celebration of excellence across all sectors of technology The independent awards program is an annual celebration of excellence for the best digital services and software available.

About SavantX: SavantX offers a powerful all-in-one tool for advanced analytics, data visualization, and AI powered insights across multiple dimensions. The mission of SavantX is to harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to augment human capabilities to make sense of complex data and visualize data in ways that aid our understanding of the hidden patterns and linkages within it. Simply put SavantX technologies allow you to find things in your data that were previously undiscoverable. 

SavantX is one of the first organizations in the world to leverage the enormous power of quantum computing to solve commercial applications with significant cost savings and efficiency gains. The company’s lineage includes open-source intelligence gathering tools for the US government and the patented technologies that drive SavantX offerings reveal hidden relationships and connect insights across data. Established in 2015, SavantX was born to solve one problem: To change the way we search and find information.

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