The Unexaggerated Magic Of Quantum – Part III

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Lastly, and perhaps most impressively of all, is that quantum computers in industry have already been shown to exceed classical computational capabilities for practical commercial use: Quantum Annealers have already been used extensively in commerce. Early stage though they may be, just like their gate-based counterparts, nonetheless they are leading the charge in providing a commercial edge even today.

An apt example of this is the work SavantX did for Port of Los Angeles using a D-Wave quantum annealer. They were able to optimize the container deliveries at Pier 300 to impressive effect. And they were not shy about measuring the results against classical compute. While the classical computer results rewarded truck drivers for showing up late, awarding them shorter wait times, the quantum computer dramatically reduced distance traveled for the same number of deliveries, whilst simultaneously penalizing drivers for late arrivals by longer wait times. Quantum advantage was attained. David Ostby of SavantX did some quick math as we spoke, and estimated a roughly 700,000-year period for classical compute to depart from its “dumb” greedy algorithm, utilize the superior method instead, and produce an equivalent caliber of optimized results.

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